Maize Starch (IP/BP) is specially manufactured for the pharmaceutical Industry. The major use of starch in pharmaceutical formulation is as a binder & filler for tablets and capsules, coating and dusting media for various type of coating such as sugar and enteric coating. It is widely accepted in the areas of dry granulation techniques where the active ingredients are hygroscopic and is difficult to dry after wet binding, Maize Starch (IP/BP/USP) has proved as an efficient dry-binder.
Maize Starch (IP/BP/USP) is specially treated to control the bio-Load mainly Total Viable Counts [TVC], Yeast Mould and Gram -ve bacteria.

The controlled bio-Load facilitates the end user to improve their end product as the above mentioned bacterial contamination affects the shelf life of the product, especially in the case of antibiotic and vitamin formulations.

Applications: Pharmaceutical Industry

Packing: 25kg Paper/HDPE bag