Special Maize Starch

Starch plays a leading role in determining the texture of many foods, which is vital to both the consumer and the food manufacturer, as a major factor that governs the acceptability and palatability of most food products. Maize Starch, because of its abundance and low cost, is used wherever its properties are applicable. Maize Starch takes a relatively short time to form a viscous and opaque paste, which has a typical cereal flavor and is widely used for thickening sauces, gravies, puddings and pie fillings. Cornstarch finds numerous uses in the baking industry. Addition of starch makes hard wheat flour preferred for cakes

Cornstarch is used to give proper strength to ice cream cones and sugar water shells. In addition to the above mentioned uses, it finds numerous uses in “dusting” to facilitate certain baking operations. Starch is also used as an inert ingredient in baking powder and also in salad dressing.

Food Industry

25kg Paper/HDPE bag