During the process of weaving, the warp threads are subjected to friction and tension. The flight of the crossing weft shuttle, the beating of the sley and the passing of the reeds cause friction. The drawing over of the cloth beam imposes tension, and the mechanical movements of the whole loom cause vibration, all of which bear upon the wrap. Unless protected by some means, the thread would wear out and fray in weaving. This in a nutshell is the purpose of warp sizing.

For better working in the loom shed, resistance to abrasion is of vital importance. This is achieved by strengthening the warp yarn-by cementing fibres with certain adhesive substance which can be applied easily and can also be removed with equal ease when the cloth goes for bleaching and subsequent processing. Much of the success of the sizing operation depends upon the choice of the most suitable sizing ingredients, which serve the above purposes.

Fabrilose-OS is our premier product that work for pure cotton yarn PC yarn, PV yarn and dyed yarn having construction on air jet/rapier looms. Product has extremely good results on high speed shuttle – less looms having speed up to 1000 rpm for counts ranging from low to high thread count. There is a marked increase in efficiency and yardage, also there is no chance of ball formation. It also decreases in dead loss, value loss and overall saving in humidification costs.

Fabrilose–OS is preferred by most end users for it simplicity of usage and outstanding results. It cooks at 90 c, and hence does not require the use of pressure cooker. Also having lower cooking and temperature, cost saving are realized.

Yarn Sizing only on high speed automatic machines

25 kg HDPE bags