SAYATEX is an oxidized starch derived from maize or tapioca starches. It is granular white in color and has moisture content of 12 to 14%. Microscopically, SAYATEX closely resembles the unmodified starch, with the typical reaction of staining blue with iodine solution.

The outstanding characteristics of SAYATEX starch is that the pasting results rapidly, at a lower temperature, and the starch paste exhibits a greater degree of fluidity and clarity than that of unmodified starches. Upon aging, the tendency towards retrogradation (characteristic of most starches ) is eliminated to a great extent due to the presence of functional groups. The film produced from SAYATEX is strongly adherent, continuous and clear as compared to the brittle and opaque films obtained with unmodified starches.

SAYATEX solution, in surface sizing, improves the bonding of loosely attached paper fibres and fillers. The burst, tensile and folding strength of untreated paper can be raised to the desired level. The picking resistance of off-set printing ink can be greatly improved. Where primary surface effects are desired, the holding of the paper to a controlled degree is required. For this reason, the viscosities of sizing solution used should generally approach the maximum viscosity practicable for the operation in question. This tends to minimize the size penetration for bond paper of good erasure resistance (a fairly tough film of starch upon the surface permits easy erasing of typed letters). For an increase in internal strength, the aim should be to obtain greater penetration in which case SAYATEX of lower viscosity may be preferable.

Surface sizing of paper and yarn

50kg HDPE bags