Esterfied Starch plays an important role in the manufacture of gypsum wallboard, protecting the gypsum crystals that form the bond between the gypsum core and the paper.

These crystals, located at the edges of the wallboard, are subject to dehydration and breakage during high temperature exposure in the drying kilns. The starch holds water during kiln drying and protects these bonding crystals from dehydration. Severe dehydration causes the paper to peel off of the board core. 
Starch is gelatinized during the manufacturing process. Due to its hydrophilic nature, it functions by controlling the rate of water loss during drying of the board. Gelatinized starch migrates to the surface and controls the rate of crystallization of the gypsum, providing a strong bond between the gypsum and the liner.

  • Good Migration Behavior
  • Strong Water-Holding Capacity
  • Excellent Binding Power
  • Easily Cooked
  • It has good paste stability, clarity, reduced tendency to retrograde
  • Has lower pasting temperature

Sayafied is prepared by estrification of corn starch, specially modified for use as a core binder in the production of plaster board. It forms a strong bond, keeping the paper attached to the gypsum core. It serves as an excellent migrating agent in the core of wallboard products.

Paper industry, Textile sizing

50kg HDPE bags