High Maltose Syrup (Maize-O-Sweet) is manufactured by dual enzymatic conversion of starch under controlled conditions. In this process, starch slurry is subjected to liquefaction and dextrinisation in the presence of an enzyme. Subsequently dextrinised product is treated with another enzyme to make maltose syrup having desired maltose content.

High Maltose Corn Syrup contains maltose maltotriose and dextrins with very low amount of dextrose. This sugar spectrum retards crystallization. This is an advantageous factor in manufacturing food products like jam, jellies, chewing gums, canned fruits etc. High Maltose Corn Syrup is less viscous than liquid glucose of same Dextrose Equivalent. Hence it can be handled with ease. Most of the high-speed confectionery molding lines use High Maltose Corn Syrup due to its low viscosity. Candies produced with High Maltose Corn Syrup are bright, transparent and smooth in texture. In addition to this, High Maltose Corn Syrup prevents spoilage of the product. In confectionery, the addition of cane sugar causes two main disadvantages. Firstly it lacks good keeping qualities, being susceptible to crystallization and consequent hardening. Secondly, it has excessive sweetness of an all-cane confection. High Maltose Corn Syrup being a non-crystallizing substance with less sweetness successfully produces a homogenous and palatable confection.


Ice Creams, Confectionary, Baked Goods


300kg HDPE/ Steel barrels