FABRILOSE is a modified, thin, boiling starch. It has low and uniform viscosity, which does not change much with temperature unlike native starches, which show wide variation in viscosity. The keeping qualities of the native starch also show a marked variation, i.e. considerable degradation occurs on boiling.

FABRILOSE’s non-congealing characteristic, shorter boiling time, transparency of paste and lower viscosity ensure easy working, compared to thick boiling starches. Unlike gum and glues which require soaking, FABRILOSE is readily dispersed in water and can be boiled into a smooth paste without any pretreatment.

One of the main drawbacks of tapioca size is that it thins down very much on boiling, resulting in an uneven pick up on the high speed machine. The viscosity of FABRILOSE does not change with boiling and ensures uniform pick up of size even on modern high speed sizing machines.

Textile Sizing

50kg HDPE bags