Dextrose is commercially prepared by hydrolysis of starch, employing acid or the modern method of enzymatic hydrolysis. It is used in pharmaceutical & food industries and also for preparing ice-cream as it lowers the freezing point more than that of sugar. It is also used for producing quality yeast for bakery products.

Dextrose is less sweet than sugar. In ice-creams, sherbets, etc. large amount of dextrose can be used to increase the solid substance without unduly increasing the sweetness. Moreover, solutions of dextrose have a lower freezing point than that of cane sugar resulting in ice-cream with smoother and creamier texture.

Dextrose is widely used in preference to cane sugar for canned and ready-made foods, confectionery, dairy products, carbonated beverages, canned fruits, meat products, jam and jellies etc. The main advantage of dextrose over sugar is that its moderate sweetness does not obliterate the finer flavor, yet dextrose is as powerful a preservative as sugar. Dextrose does not require inversion like cane sugar before assimilation into the system. Being easily assimilated, it acts as a quicker energy-giving agent than sugar. Doctors in general recommend dextrose for infant feeding, for counteracting insulin shock in diabetic, in the treatment of obesity, and for keeping up the blood sugar level when work or play requires unusual exertion. Because of the above properties, dextrose monohydrate may be formulated with vitamins and minerals and sold in packets or containers as a ready formulation for use during convalescence, period of physical stress, etc.


Ice Creams, Baked goods, Jams, energy drinks, canned fruits


25kg Paper/HDPE bags
50kg HDPE bags